Photo by Paul Quitoriano

Was so happy to be a part of this awesome show with The Engagements! Best 80's cover band EVER! Below is our review in the 'Gowanus Your Face Off'!

The Night's Entertainment… The Engagements

Despite it being super cold Bell House had one of the best parties in the history of parties. The theme was a Undead 80′s Prom that had a very elaborate back story. The event began with a few people dressed in Zombie Costumes (possibly real Zombies) milling about in the main room of the Bell House, slowly descending on the bar for a free drink that came with entry. We arrived early and believed that because of the cold weather not a lot of people would attend the event, but we were very wrong. Hordes of Zombies showed up as midnight approached to a dance their faces off! The Engagements, possible one of the best cover bands in the history of the universe, opened the show with a slightly altered version of Party Like It’s 1999 in which 99′ was substituted for 89 to match the nights theme. This was the first of many amazing Prince’s covered featured throughout the night. One the three lead singers, who was dressed as Death, belted out the voice & soul of Prince which shocked the audience because his talent was simply unbelievable. The other singers as well as the entire band produced some of the greatest sound sof 80′s music that we have ever heard. If you ever need a band for a special event or wedding The Engagements are the way to go.

We danced the night away until we felt as dead as all the Zombies in the room. It was one of those nights that was so amazing that words simply can’t do it justice. If you ever hear the words “Undead” and “Bell House” in the same sentence be apart of whatever it is! Thanks Bell House for making us go gaga for Zombies!


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